Platform Host Institution Area and issues of focus Value expected
Inter district Link Committee UWA Community-park conflicts, vetting projects under 20% park payback Lessons on grievances and conflicts resolution from other stakeholders
Regional Climate Change Forum UNDP Fostering participation of all stakeholders in climate change adaptation activities Leverage from the expanded REDD and climate change consultations
Integrated Territorial Climate Steering Committee UNDP Development of a regional  Integrated Territorial Climate Plan Broader participation from other stakeholder groups
District Steering Committees on Elgon national park boundary UWA Park security, resettlement, boundary management, encroachment, land claims Wider audience for discussions and for dissemination fora
District Implementation Teams MERECP Project monitoring Opportunities for strategic partnerships and sharing of lessons
Resource Use committees UWA Collaborative Resource Management Lesson sharing on CRM from other sites/stakeholders
Multi stakeholder platform on honey SNV Livelihood enhancement through apiary Sharing of lessons for scaling up and improved productivity



Institution Thematic Focus Coverage Reports available
Uganda Wildlife Authority (Mt. Elgon NP) Nature conservation, protected area management, Tourism National Park and neighboring communities/districts Mt. Elgon Tourism plan; benefit sharing reports; resource access guidelines; CRM agreements
National Forestry Authority Forest conservation, protected area management National National forestry & tree planting act.

Business plan 2009/14

Ministry of Water and Environment Water; forestry; wetlands; environment and sanitation National National State of the Environment Report; Water and Sanitation Sector District Implementation Manual ; water supply atlas – eastern region; weather forecasts; climate change reports
Bukwo DLG Governance & service provision Bukwo district Envtal status, District Dvt plan
Kapchorwa DLG Governance & service provision Kapchorwa district District development plan;
Kween DLG Governance & service provision Kween district PRDP reports; RCDF projects;
Bududa DLG Governance & service provision Bududa ditrict PRDP reports; landslide report (NEMA);
Manafwa DLG Governance & service provision Manafwa district RCDF report (UCC); Landslide occurrence (NEMA);
Mbale DLG Governance & service provision Mbale district Mbale District Development plan; State of Environment reports; RCDF reports
Bulambuli Governance & service provision Bulambuli district
Sironko Governance & service provision Sironko district
UNDP TACC Climate Change Mbale, Manafwa & Bududa districts Progress reports, programme methodologies & tools developed, regional climate change plans,
International Union for Conservation of Nature Sustainable & equitable management of biodiversity Eastern, Western and Northern regions The poverty – forestry linkages, REDD & Gender Roadmap, EBA baseline report, progress reports; EBA, REDD
East Africa Commission (MERECP) Trans-boundary resource management Mt. Elgon sub-region (Uganda and Kenya) Progress reports, benefit sharing & co-management models/ agreements, equity & benefit sharing models/agreements, trans-boundary mgt approaches
Nature Harness Initiatives Market based mechanisms for improved natural resources mgt Eastern, Central Western and West Nile sub region PES mechanisms and project reports, watershed management plans,
ECOSTRUST Conservation and voluntary carbon financing Countrywide Voluntary carbon partnership agreements, PES schemes, ecosystem benefits reports
NGOs /CBOs Conservation, livelihoods, energy Districts around Mt. Elgon landscape Progress reports, partnership agreements, management plans.






  • Community Engagement

  • Project Design

  • Project Implimentation

  • Project Evaluation