Objectives of the Forum

The overall objective of the forum is to promote a landscape approach of addressing critical issues in Mt Elgon where various stakeholders get a common understanding and agree on the various interlinkages within the landscape to guide strategic interventions that enhance positive change in livelihoods and the ecosystem integrity.    The specific objectives are as follows:

  1. To create a one stop information and documentation hub about Mt Elgon to guide strategic interventions and avoid duplication of interventions.
  2. To provide a platform for discussing critical issues within the ecosystem in order to develop common messages to feed into policy processes as well as increase synergies for collaboration.
  3. To provide a link between the grass roots and national level policy/decision making processes on key emerging issues within the landscape
  4. To increase coordination and visibility of work done by various partners. This will enable donors, governments and civil society to identify the gaps, fund and adapt strategic interventions.


Activities of the forum

  • Designing and regularly updating a website to act as a depository of information about the entire ecosystem. The website will include a database of general information about Mt Elgon and updates on partners’ work within the ecosystem.
  • Organizing bi-annual meetings to share information, lessons and challenges, and develope strategic interventions
  • Organizing exchange visits among partners to promote lesson learning through demonstrations
  • Preparing outreach materials to strengthen information sharing and bridge the gap between the grassroots and policy makers.
  • Organizing Consultative conferences: this shall be a meeting for representatives of all stakeholders around the landscape to discuss key emerging issues from the landscape and identify avenues for engaging in national opportunities.
  • A list serve shall also be initiated for all stakeholders in the region. This shall on a regular basis be furnished with information relating to all developments around the landscape.
  • Talk shows will be organized on key topical issues within the ecosystem. These will be presented and discussed by the public through interactive broadcasts (in English and local languages) using selected media channels.
  • Production of IEC materials; Emerging information shall be published through various channels including newsletters, posters, T-shirts and disseminated among the stakeholders and entire region.


Meet the forum team


Nakitende Carol

Program manager

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Nakitende Carol

Project manager

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Nakitende Carol

Program Manager

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